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West Coast Classic 2021

With our West Coast Classic come and gone for another year, as always we want to thank Chris Smith Dyenamics Sublimations for their generous support of this event for the third time. Thank you also to all the workers in the kitchen, behind the bar, and to Steve and Barry who provided all sorts of help around the tournament.

In terms of participation:

  • The Doubles event attracted 18 x Open Men’s pairs, 26 x B Division Men’s pairs, 8 x Open Ladies, and a further 7 x B Division Ladies.
  • Singles participation included 31 x Open Men’s, 34 x B Division Men’s, 10 x Open Ladies, and 15 x B Division Ladies

As always the West Coast Classic includes a Youth Tournament too and the results of that are as follows:

Youth Classic

Boys Winner Bill Gilla
Finalist     Ricky Pickett Jnr

Bill Gilla (L), Ricky Pickett Jnr (R)

Girls Winn Lillian Zdun
Finalist Rebecca Gleeson

Lillian Zdun (L) Rebecca Gleeson (R)

Men’s B Grade Doubles

Winners – Carl Caton & Alan Whatmough

Finalists – Richard Talbot & Roger Clinch
Equal 3rd – Kevin Marsh & Dave Butcher, Daryle Mitchell & Roger Mewes

High Pegs – Roger Clinch 114, Gavin Horner 137, Jordan Harper 113

180’s – Total 9

Ladies B Grade Doubles

Winners – Natasha Little & Sam Jones

Finalists – Brindley Tregoning & Jordan Marsh
Equal 3rd – Rose Pickett & Lisa Collard, Di Hopkins & Roz Reimers

Men’s  Open  Doubles

Winners – Clifton Beauchamp & Peter Sutton

Finalists – Chris Turnland & Ronald Nakata  Port Hedland
Equal 3rd – Mick Zdun & Tim Pusey, Adam Rowe & Alec McAvoy

Highest Peg – Adam Rowe  164

180’s – Total  50

Ladies Open Doubles

Winners          Natalie Carter & Ursula Bennell

Natalie Carter (R), Ursula Bennell (L)

Finalists – Angela Clarke & Jucinta Dann
Equal 3rd – Dot Mcleod & Stephanie Moriarty, Veronica Jenkins & Penny Stevens

Highest Peg  – Angela Clarke 120

Ladies B Grade Singles   

Winner – Kristina Gallacher  (15.98)
Finalists – Roz Reimers (13.79)

Kristina Gallacher (L), Roz Reimers (R)

Equal 3rd – Sam Jones (12.90), Maureen Moran (14.50)

High Peg – Veronica Jenkins   100

Men’s B Grade Singles  

Winner – Daryl Mitchell  (19.06)
Finalist – Carl Caton (22.28)

Daryl Mitchel (L), Carl Caton (R)

Equal 3rd – Alan Whatmough  (28.68), Chris Turnland  (18.44)
Equal 5th –Darryl Sharp, Aaron Nicholas, Sam Sutherland, Bill Gilla

Highest Peg – Ricky Pickett Jnr  130

180’s – Total  14

Ladies Open Singles   

Winner – Natalie Carter (21.78)
Finalist – Dot McLeod (18.41)

Natalie Carter (L), Dot McLeod (R)

Equal 3rd – Jane Gambie (16.53), Stephany Moriarty (19.19)
Equal 5th – Jucinta Dann, Evelyn Cockie, Cheril Sutton, Marianne Bell

High Peg – Evelyn Cockie  125            

 Men’s Open Singles  

Winner – Tim Pusey  (28.34)
Finalist – Dave Burke ( 24.31)

Tim Pusey (L), Dave Burke (R)

Equal 3rd – Adam Rowe  (29.14), Kimberly Lewis (24.52)
Equal 5th – Mark Dorotich (27.46), Ricky Pickett   (24.20), Tom Wiley  (22.57), Michael Andre (25.31) Rockingham

Highest Peg –Mark Dorotich 157 Sth Suburban

180’s – Total  55