Darts WA Round Up 1987

A look back at who did what in 1987. State Teams Men John Burnett (Bunbury) 85.51 Tony Headley (Fremantle) 81.22 Terry O’Dea (Perth) 80.91 Keith Sullivan (Perth) 78.03 Tim Brown (Mandurah) 72.50 Vic Stoker (South Suburban) 67.79 Des Peterson (Fremantle) 63.58 Ian Stevenson (Perth) 61.84 Captain – Don Reynolds Manager...

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Darts Western Australia

A look back at some WA success

Recently I was provided the programme of events book from the 37th (2016) Australian Championships which includes some great history and really highlights just how successful WA has been over the years so I thought it might be nice to pull out some old data and summarise some past WA...

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