Darts in Western Australia became an Incorporated body in 1947 when Western Australian Darts Association, ( later became Perth districts Darts Association and is now Perth mixed Darts Association) received Incorporation and became the governing body in W.A.

The State Championships for some years was played between W.A.D.A., Fremantle, Swans and Kalgoorlie. When the Country Championships strengthened (these Championships were organised by a separate body) a country composite side became part of the State Championships. Of course way back then the Ladies were not recognised.

The first State team to participate in the National Championships travelled East in 1964.

In 1971, after much discussion, the ladies were let into the fold and affiliated bodies was formed, which became Western Australian Darts Council Inc in 1974 and is now Darts Western Australia Inc.

In the mid 70’s Toodyay Mens Association (an affiliate of WADC) advertised a singles competition to be held in a local hotel with prize money for the winner. The local constabulary did not allow this to go ahead as they decreed darts was a game of chance and therefore it was classed as illegal gambling. This started the debate as to the classification of darts and after much petitioning and discussion the Government accepted Darts as a sport.

In the early 70’s the only players who could participate in the State doubles and singles were those who had first won their own Associations titles

The Mens and Ladies State teams have won many more National titles than any other State and currently still compete extremely well at this level. 1974 saw the development of the under 25’s and 1980 was the beginning of the under 18’s program. Both of these are still going strong.

Today competitions are held for all ages and ability levels and whilst the game has had its ups and downs, is on a bit of a rise right now due the sport receiving some high profile recognition on TV and with the Perth Darts Masters being a well recognised and high profile event.

Committee of Darts WA


Betty Hislop
Email: president@dartswa.com.au
Phone: (M) 0409 172 647

Vice President

Sam Sutherland
Email: samsutherland21@gmail.com
Phone: (M) 0409 621 348

Junior Vice President

Peggy Morton
Email: colpra50@outlook.com
Phone: 9250 3518 - (M) 0488 696 364


Angela Fairman
Phone:  (M) 0416 306 325


Robyn McCloy
Email: robyn.treasurer@gmail.com
Phone: (M) 0414 425 387

Events Coordinator

Alison Falconer
Email: humpty22@bigpond.com
Phone: (M) 0439 103 290


Jordan Garland
Email: jgarland837@gmail.com
Phone: (M) 0417 936 631

Property Manager

Patrick Gallacher
Email: pat-g@live.co.uk
Phone: (M) 0411 176 819

Committee Members

Helen Chalson
Email: hrchalson@live.com
Phone: (M) 0417 936 631

Debbie Norton
Email: jefdeb28@bigpond.net.au
Phone: (M) 0417 226 905

Mark McAuslin
Email: markmcauslin1@dodo.com.au
Phone: (M) 0404 737 221

Audrey Mullen
Email: audreydarts@gmail.com
Phone: (M) 0411 251 074

Suzette Carman
Email: sue.steve4@bigpond.com
Phone: (M) 0438 666 656

Jordan Nissen
Email: jnissen588@gmail.com
Phone: (M) 0424 459 063

State Officials

Men 2020

Men's Captain Mr Mark Dorotich
Men's Manager Mr Glen McLeod

Men's Selectors 2020

Mr Mark Dorotich
Mr Glen McLeod
Mr Patrick Gallacher
Mr Sam Sutherland

Ladies 2020

Ladies Captain Mrs Robyn McCloy
Ladies Manager Ms Helen Chalson

Ladies Selectors 2020

Mrs Betty Hislop
Mrs Audrey Mullen
Mrs Robyn McCloy
Ms Helen Chalson