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Wayne Wyatt Round 4 Results

Belmont Sports 25th July 2020

Hello all and welcome to the wrap up of qualifing event number 4.

We had a Wyatt 100 players front up to the fourth event of 2020. The players participated in the 3 divisions, Division 1 had 49 players, Division 2 had 31 players and Division 3 had 20 players.

It was an exceptionally good roll up to the Wyatt Lower Grade Singles, with 100 starters which shows the players were hungry for action on the boards to continue the Wyatt Singles in 2020.

We had 17 x 180’s thrown today and 9 x 100 plus pegs, the highest being 164 by Ajit Varsani, well done. It was pleasing to see another 20 new players participate in the fourth event of the year. A total of 178 players have played in the opening four events, well done.

This was the fourth event of the series to complete the preliminaries prior to the finals starting, where the Top Qualified 16 in each division will play off in the Grand Final on a Saturday the 28th November 2020 at the Belmont Sports & Rec.

However, you must have played in at least 6 of the 10 events to be eligible to play. Remember those who have played at least 6 events and are not in the Top 16 will be elevated into the 16 if higher points players are not qualified.

Division One (59-99 to 50-00) – 49 Players 


Tom Barker

Runner Up

Darren Batchelor

Equal Third

Ronnie Calaoa

Robert Binsiar

Equal 5th

Ken Saul

Daryle Mitchell

Steve Cullen

Dave Reeves

Division Two (49-99 to 40-00) – 31 Players 


Dan Pulham

Runner Up

Hugh Bryce

Equal Third

James Boothey

Dylan Sutherland

Equal 5th

Rob Gilchrist

Sid Deans

Roger Wright

Aaron Reimers

Division Three (39-99 & below) – 20 Players


Alison Falconer

Runner Up

Jacqui Gleeson

Equal Third

Fiona Allen

Richard Rosita

180’s Div 1

12 Total

180’s Div 2

3 Total

180’s Div 3

2 Total

Highest Pegs Div 1
Mike Beaver – 134

Highest Pegs Div 2

Ajit Varsani – 164

Highest Pegs Div 3

Megan Jones – 90


As noted previously, please remember the Darts WA dress code required at these and future events. This can be found on the DWA website. Also be reminded about Prize Money, point 8 of the playing format requires a player to wait and receive any monies won at the completion of the Division Finals

Again, thanks to Belmont Sports and the staff for the use of the venue.

The next playing date is on Saturday 15th August 2020 at Belmont Sports & Rec, Check-In finishes at 9-30am for a 10-00 am start, be sure to be there early

Another good day today, in the season Nine (9) of this competition, however, more Division Three players are needed, we look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Good luck and good darts.

Mark, Jordan, Gavin and Co

New playing dates listed below. There will be 10 events Total in 2020

Event #                 Date

#5                          15th August

#6                          29th August

#7                          19th September

#8                          10th October

#9                          24th October

#10                       14th November

Final                      28th November (Top Qualified 16 from each Division)