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2019 State Under 18’s Championships

The 2019 State Under 18’s Championships saw a total of 28 teams attending with 15 boys teams and 13 girls teams participating.
President Betty Hislop made comment that some of these young people had travelled over a hundred kilometres to participate in the championships and extended a huge thanks to all the parents who helped get the kids there and make the weekend a success.

Thanks goes to the three previous Juniors that turn up to help including Brindley Tregoning, Tyler Sutherland and Jai Milne. Your support was greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the officials/selectors that run the championships, Betty Hislop, Lisa Dann, Bethany Dawson and Sam Sutherland.

Mixed Teams

Winners Cat’s 12-27
Bill Gilla, Tyson Marsh, Izzy Zdun, Bella Sharma, Mentored by Brindley Tregoning

Runners Up Dog’s 10-22
Mitchel Beswick, Caleb Sutherland, Michelle Martin, Megan Jones, Mentored by Tyler Sutherland

Boys Doubles

Winners Bailey Marsh & Matthew North
Runners Up Robert Tulloch & MJ Grey

Girls Doubles

Winners Ruby Clark & Caitlan Gardner
Runners Up Quineka Parker & Todd Riley ( so that all players were able play in the doubles Quineka and Todd teamed up)

Boys Singles

Winner Bailey Marsh Rockingham
Runner Up Bill Gilla Port Kennedy

Girls Singles

Winner Michelle Martin (left)
Runner Up Bella Sharma

High Pegs

Boys Mitchel Beswick 116, Bill Gilla 109
Girls Bella Sharma 121 & 105, Izzy Zdun 101


Bailey Marsh x 4
Bill Gilla x 2
Mitchel Beswick x 2
MJ (Mark) Grey x 1
Robert Tulloch x 1

Encouragement Award

Andrea Henderson & Dwayne Riley

Top Six Boys Averages

Bailey Marsh 76.47
Bill Gilla 61.55
Mitchel Beswick 60.49
Jack Bunworth 52.93
Mark Grey (MJ) 51.78
Braeden Lawrence 51.68

Top Six Girls Averages

Bella Sharma 51.24
Michelle Martin 42.92
Ruby Clark 38.25
Quineka Parker 34.81
Lily Zdun 33.04
Izzy Zdun 32.85

Betty Hislop Shield Winner

Baily Marsh
Michelle Martin

Trialing Squad for selection to represent DWA at the Australian Junior Championships

Bailey Marsh
Noli Adajar
Bill Gilla
Mitchel Beswick
Braeden Lawerence
Jack Bunworth
Robert Tulloch
MJ Grey
Ricky Pickett
Matthew North
Naoise Coughlan
Dwayne Riley
Caleb Sutherland

Bella Sharma
Michelle Martin
Ruby Clark
Quineka Parker
Megan Jones
Lilly Zdun
Izzy Zdun
Andrea Henderson
Caitlyn Gardner
Brianna Pickett