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National Championships 2017 Men’s Roundup

Well back from Townsville and the 38th Australian Darts Championships.

We had a great group of players who many thought were just a team of individuals but when it mattered they all performed as a team.
The pleasing feature for Glen and myself is the winning team of 2015 had no resemblance or remaining members in the winning team of 2017, save for Kerry Whear who was playing for Queensland this year.

Alan Aird last played in 2001, Kim Lewis and Brad Austen last played in Devonport 2011, Tony David last played around 2009 and is now back on the board after overcoming health issues.

Clifton Beauchamp and Mick Zdun both rookies this year and Adam Rowe and Tim Pusey are the only 2 remaining from Bendigo 2016. Mick and Tim are father and son another satisfying family achievement together.

Things could have gone better in the Peter Mac, Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles but not everything will go our way when we want it. Congratulations to the winner’s of those events, our turn will come again I’m sure.

Congratulations to the WA Ladies on going back to back in the Teams event.

The boys would also like to thank Peggy and Patsy for being our book keepers when we needed help in our various endeavours. Big thank you to Steve Doherty and Graham “Fiery” Hunt for their support during the 8 days of competition.

Thanks to Glen Mcleod for managing the ship but most of all thanks to those that supported us through social media, emails and text messages during the journey to our success and regaining the Australian Men’s Team Championship in Townsville 2017.

Pacific Masters

Adam Rowe – Semi Finalist


Undefeated Champions for 2017

Australian Singles

Brad Austen            Semi Final defeated by finalist Raymond Smith (QLD)

Alan Aird                 Quarter Finalist

Tim Pusey              Last 16


Alan Aird & Mick Zdun       Semi Final – Beaten by Machin / Morrison (SA) – Winners

Adam Rowe & Tim Pusey            1/4 Finalists

Mixed Doubles

Adam Rowe & Michelle Rodney    1/4 Finalists

Tim Pusey & Kim Kelly                 1/4 Finalists

Averages for Teams Championship.


ScoreDartsAverage180’s170’sPegsGames PlayedSingles Wins
Adam Rowe1530659825.5953201764
Tim Pusey1423656625.1519601865
Kimberley Lewis1371352426.1698301966
Brad Austen1502962624.0080102065
Alan Aird1419659124.0203301465
Mick Zdun1133650522.4475001664
Tony David1424955125.8603401161
Clifton Beauchamp1253252323.9618201765


Peter MacMenamin Cup

Green Team                     4th in Group – 4 Wins & 2 Losses

Gold Team                        3rd in Group – 4 Wins & 2 Losses


Averages Peter MacMenanin Cup – Green


Adam Rowe221672.73%1055842125.0781
Tim Pusey191157.89%888333826.2812
Alan Aird231147.83%1074045723.5011
Mick Zdun22731.82%992242323.4561


Averages Peter MacMenamin Cup – Gold


Kimberley Lewis211257.14%1005341224.44
Brad Austen20945.00%931338124.4440
Clifton Beauchamp201155.00%942441322.8181
Tony David221568.18%1065942824.9042



To our very own Tim Pusey who was named as “Player of the Future”…..great recognition for his performance at the 2017 Championships.

A special mention also for Kim Lewis, who won all 6 Singles that he played, “Old School” still has the weapons in his armory.

Finally, congratulations to Natalie Carter on once again being selected to represent Australia at the 2017 World Cup being held later this year in Japan.