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2024 Men’s State Teams Championships


What an awesome weekend of darts and a great group of gentlemen players.  There were 30 teams competing over 5 divisions.  It was an absolute pleasure to witness the sportsmanship and already great behaviour.  All took the non-drinking rule on hand and not a single issue was raised.

I need to firstly address the elephant in the room.  An error was made in the final division placing of division 4.  Swans 3 were placed second, but the table not updated and the award given to Kalgoorlie 2.  I have apologized personally and on behalf of DWA at the oversight.  More attention to detail will be paid going forward.  Michael, the captain from the Swans team was an absolute gentleman when he pointed out the mistake and a replacement plaque and medals have been ordered, thank you Michael for understanding the error.

On to the event and results.


West Coast 1 started their campaign with a resounding 10-1 win over South Suburban 1.  Though, it has to be said that the score line did not reflect the standard and closeness of play.  This was South Suburban’s only defeat of the weekend.










WINNERS – WEST COAST 1 – Tom Wiley (captain), Shane Ashe, Carl Caton, Roger clinch, Howard Jones and David Platt.

RUNNER UP – SOUTH SUBURBAN 1 – Mark Dorotich (captain), Dylan Dunster, Neil Francis, Harvey Mayall, Alec McAvoy, Adam Rowe and Gary Stevens.










6 Teams again competed in this division.  Kalgoorlie played strong from the start and have vowed to make Division 1 next year.  4 teams finished on 6 game points and were only separated by 1 peg.










WINNERS – KALGOORLIE BOULDER 1 – Kevin Thomas (Captain), Travis Jones, Dominic Nelson, Trevor Sambo, Troy Trott and Logan Warnest.

RUNNER UP – WEST COAST 2 – John Donnelly (Captain), Bob Glass, Matt Knight, Steve Palasin, Ricky Pickett Jnr and Dylan Walsh.










6 teams of men competed in this division and played very competitively.  Mandurah 1 played like they were on a mission and went through undefeated.









WINNERS – MANDURAH 1 – Brent Kenney (Captain), Corey Collins, Ben Hunter, Kallan Nannup, George Stack and Justin Wood.

RUNNER UP – SWANS 2 – Roger Wright (Captain), John Coelho, EJ Dryden, Corey Grenfell, Rick Jenkins, Alex Knowles and Lionel O’Brien.










Fremantle blitzed the division, going through undefeated. Swans 3 9as previously mentioned) finished 2nd with 3 other teams all sitting on 2 game points.









WINNERS – FREMANTLE 3 – Darrin Sigley (Captain), Gary Hunter, Adam Linford, Matt Machin, Liam Marlow and Keith Walsh.

RUNNER UP – SWANS 3 – Michael Eva (Captain), Tommy Barker, Tyson Bekkers, Jeff Carr, Josh Howie, Josh Johnstone and Mark Scaffidi.










This division was not all plain sailing, Mandurah received a phone call at 7.30am on the Saturday morning to say 2 players were not attending.  Jack Bunworth put on his super hero suit and got to Belmont as quickly as he could.  Unfortunately, the team had to play with only 5 players but still managed a win.  Manjimup only dropped one game and 3 teams, including Mandurah, were all sitting on 6 game points and separated by mere pegs.









WINNERS – MANJIMUP – Bryan Connolly, Jake Cooper, Josh Eliot, Shaun Fontanini, Jamin Leaver and Tim Matthews.

RUNNER UP – COLLIE 2 – Dale Sprague (Captain), Josh Elliot, Ricky Gillard, Cody Irvine, Baxter miller, and Kim Rush.









During the weekend there were a total of 158 180’s and 53 pegs of 100+.  The highest peg for the weekend was the ultimate 170 hit by Jessie Santos (Geraldton)

Following the team awards we then moved on to individual performances.

The top 8 averages were:

1             Tim Pusey                           Fremantle                            88.60

2             David Platt                          West Coast                         84.60

3             Adam Rowe                        South Suburban                84.20

4             Carl Caton                           West Coast                         80.40

5             Dave Burke                          Swans                                   80.00

6             Lindsay Haji Ali                  Swans                                   79.90

7             Dan Kelly                              Bunbury                               78.60

8             Gary Stevens                      South Suburban                77.40

The State selectors – David Platt, Sam Sutherland, Ricky Pickett Snr and Jordan Garland, looked at the performance and averages of all the players who had made themselves available for selection to the state trials and the following 20 players were announced to trial on the weekend of 27/28 April.  All are welcome to attend and cheer on these players.

Adam Rowe (South Suburban), Carl Caton (West Coast), Dave Burke (Swans(, Lindsay Haji Ali (Swans), Joe Comito (Bunbury), Bailey Marsh (Rockingham), Dylan Dunster (South Suburban), Howard Jones (West Coast), Michael Andre (Rockingham), Bobby McKeig (Bunbury), Jessie Santos (Geraldton), Troy Trott (Kalgoorlie), Wayne Egan (Swans), Keith Charchalis (Bunbury), Corey Collins (Mandurah), Tyson Hoefel (Rockingham), Brodie Little (Fremantle), Basil Thorne (Fremantle), Stephen Ireland (South Suburban) and Roger clinch (West coast)

Good luck to all these men at the upcoming trials.

To check out detailed stats – click here

Thanks to the bar staff at the BSRC and to the kitchen workers.

Thanks most of all to the players who attended this awesome event.


Next team event – men’s metro team championships 4/5 May.