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2024 Ladies State Teams Championships


What an awesome weekend of darts.  22 teams competed over 3 division.

The ladies took on the new non drinking rule and no issues occurred.  It was great to see 2 teams from the Pilbara this year as well as a team from New Avon, we also welcomed back Kalgoorlie ladies. Definitely a great mix of country and metropolitan associations.

The ladies in Division 1 and 2 had 4 games on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.  Division 3 had 3 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.


Well, this could not have been any closer, the leader of the division changed pretty much with every round and the final 4 placings were separated by 1 peg!

WINNERS – KALGOORLIE Jaqui Figure, Annette Ashwin (phone), Grace Brown, Olivia Wells, Tahnee George, Stephanie Moriarty (c).

RUNNER UP – SOUTH SUBURBAN Antonia Scott, Tanya Wright, Jordan Marsh, Robyn McCloy (c), Tamara Brown, Tiarna Smith, Kaitlan Brown.











8 Teams again competed in this division.  Fremantle played like they were on a mission, with Great Northern nipping at their heels all through the rounds.  Swans 2 put up a fight only losing to these 2 teams.  Again, the division was separated at the final stages by 3 pegs.

WINNERS – FREMANTLE Natasha Little, Carina Hutchins, Pat Gallacher, Cheryl Lyons (c), Karen Cunningham, Kristina Gallacher, Melissa Drage.

RUNNER UP – GREAT NORTHERN – Lee Merchant (c), Gabbie Belloti, Jill Hornby, Christina Jones, Zoey jones, Leanne Randall, Hayley Yappo.










6 teams of ladies competed in this division and played very competitively.  2 teams going through the round robin and only losing one match each. The final result was again separated by only 3 pegs.

WINNERS – NSLDA 1 – Michelle Irwin (c), Maryvonne Ardiri, Latisha Ashwin, Zakiah-Lee Corbett, Lisi Mitchell and Chloe Murace.

RUNNER UP – FREMANTLE 2 – Sue Blackwood (c), Vicki Anderson, Sandy Brooks, Teresa Farmer, Teresa Hotchin and Cherie Respicio.









During the weekend there were a total of 13 180’s and 14 pegs of 100+.  The highest peg for the weekend was 138 hit by Kaitlan Brown (SSLDA)

4 junior girls competed in their association teams – Brianna Pickett (Kewdale), Olivia Wells (Kalgoorlie), Zayneisha Garlett (New Avon) and Chloe Murace (NSLDA).

Following the team awards we then moved on to individual performances


1             Angela Clarke                     Peel                        61.50

2             Kayleigh Pickett                 Kewdale               58.20

3             Tiarna Smith                       SSLDA                  57.60

4             Annette Ashwin                Kalgoorlie              54.30

5             Evelyn Cockie                     Kewdale                54.00

6             Tamara Brown                   SSLDA                   53.20

7             Dot McLeod                        Peel                        50.00

8             Barb Smyth                         Swans                   49.10


The State selectors – Helen Chalson, Robyn McCloy and Angela Fairman, looked at the performance and averages of all the players who had made themselves available for selection to the state trials and the following 18 players were announced to trial on the weekend of 27/28 April.  All are welcome to attend and cheer on these ladies.

Angela Clarke (Peel), Kayleigh Pickett (Kewdale), Tiarna Smith (SSLDA), Annette Ashwin (Kalgoorlie), Evelyn Cockie (Kewdale), Tamara Brown (SSLDA), Rebecca Indich (Peel), Debbie Dunn (Pilbara), Jaqui Figure (Kalgoorlie), Leanne Randall (Great Northern), Tina Osborne (Kewdale), Martekea Wilson (Bunbury), Lillian Zdun (Perth), Carrie Clarke (Kewdale), Sky Dickerson (Pilbara), Kari Walker) Pilbara, and Julie Lewis (Swans).

Good luck to all these ladies at the upcoming trials.

Thanks to the bar staff at the BSRC and to the committee members for keeping the event running and the urn filled.  To Jordan and Sam for helping the ladies with dart connect issues.

Thanks most of all to the players who attended this awesome event.


Next event – men’s state team championships 13/14 April.


To check out detailed stats – click here