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Ladies Country Championships 2019

A total of 16 teams competed at this year’s Country Championships all associations with the exception of one. Long days with 8 teams in a division, with a few prompts to move along. Well done to all that participated.

Division 1.

Winners   Peel Ladies 1.    14-56

Team: Natalie Carter, Jucinta Dann, Ursula Bennell, Carol Robinson, Angela Clark and Jane Gambie

Runner Up  Geraldton Ladies  10-48

Team:  Leanne Taylor, Barb Jose, Leanne Randall, Marion Anthony, Sharon Wolgar and Bethany Dawson

Division 2.

Winners   Mandurah Ladies 2.  12-53

Team:  Vicki Cook, Erica Carpenter, Trudy Ciraulo, Karen King, Gay Boyd, Dawn Barclay

 Runner up  Great Northern 2.   10-47

Team: Leigh Ingis, Dianne Bellotti, Nicole Cooper, Debra Hartley, Jackie Hill, Hayley Yappo, and Lou Shay


Laurel Bainbridge  x 2
Leanne Randall
Angela Clark
Leigh Ingis
Chloe Head
Chloe Nitchske

 Highest Pegs

Teresa Winn  160  Busselton,
Jucinta Dann  160  Peel 1

High Pegs     120+  

Rosele Rodney      129   Bunbury
Lisa Franscis          112   New Avon Ladies
Marianne Bell       101    Great Northern
Ursula Bennell      100    Peel 1.
Marion Anthony   100   Geraldton 1.


Top Six Averages

Natalie Carter          62.63   Peel  Ladies
Jucinta Dann            58.70   Peel  Ladies
Kayleigh Pickett       54.36   New Avon Ladies
Marianne Bell          54.35   Great Northern
Leanne Taylor          52.90   Geraldton
Carol Robinson        51.48   Peel Ladies

Final Results


Wins PointsGame PointsPosition
Peel Ladies 1.14561st
New Avon Ladies 1.6385th
Geraldton Ladies 1.10482nd
Peel Ladies 2.10443rd
Great Northern 1.8404th
Mandurah 16296th
Busselton 1.2317th
Bunbury Ladies 1.0228th
Wins PointsGame PointsPosition
Mandurah 212531st
Dongara Ladies10423rd
Geraldton Ladies 1.4307th
Great Northern 2.10472nd
Busselton 2.8414th
New Avon Ladies 2.4316th
Bunbury  Ladies 2.2258th