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2021 Youth Masters and State Singles and Doubles

The Junior State championships got off to a good start on Saturday with the WDF Youth Masters with 12 boy’s and 8 girls participating. Players from as far away as Port Hedland and Manjimup almost a difference in distance of 2000 Km’s took part.

A Big thank you to the parents who made sure their children were able to participate and for the support, they gave during the weekend.

Another big thank you to Mick at Burswood Trophies/Perth Darts Centre who sponsored the trophies for the weekend.

The standard of play was exceptional.

Youth Master’s


Winner Bill Gilla (left)   Port Kennedy

Runner up  Mitchell Galby (right) Port Hedland

180’s  Bill Gilla x 1, Ricky Pickett x 2



Winner Ruby Clarke (right)

Runner Up  Andrea Adajar (left)  Wongan Hills

At the completion of the Youth Masters, the Junior State Doubles and Singles were played.


Winners Bill Gilla & Naoise Coughlan

Finalists Eric Egan & Reid Allen


Winners Lily Zdun & Abbie Aram

Finalists  Andrea Adajar & Brianna Pickett

On Sunday the Junior State Singles were played and the WA Junior State Teams were announced for 2021

Boy’s Singles

Winner Bill Gilla  (66.53)  3-1

Finalist  Mitchell Galby (54.53)

Yes the same two guys who fought it out in the Youth Masters event above.

Equal Third  Ricky Pickett ( 62.38)   Eric Egan ( 60.22)

Girls Singles

Winner Ruby Clarke (left)

Runner up  Brianna Pickett (right)

Third  Andrea Adajar

Highest Pegs    Andrea Adajar 84      Eric Egan  152

Junior State Teams for 2021


Ruby Clarke

Lily Zdun

Brianna Pickett

Andrea Adajar

Abbie Aram


Mitchell Galby

Ricky Pickett

Eric Egan

Charlie Dinnison

Anthony Binomar

Boy’s Stats for the Singles no stats taken for the Girls.

Bill Gilla  69.64  Pegs 12  6/6 Wins    180 x 2

Mitchell Galby  55.03  Pegs 12 6/6 Wins

Eric Egan  52.34  Pegs 10  5/6 Wins

Ricky Pickett  54.00  Pegs 9  4/6 Wins    180 x 2

Charlie Dinnison  50.01 Pegs 9  4/6 Wins

Edward Egan  42.18  Pegs 7 3/6 Wins    180 x 1

Naoise Coughlan  42.14  Pegs 7   3/6 Wins

Anthony Binomar  45.68  Pegs 7  3/6 Wins

Tyson Marsh  44.50  Pegs 8  3/6 Wins   180 x 1

Jamal Nelly  37.30  Pegs 4  2/6 Wins

Andre Yates  40.42  Pegs 6  2/6 Wins

Tyler Mc Cready  32.63  Pegs  5  2/6 Wins

Reid Allen  36.25

Elijah Baillie 27.19