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2019 Darts WA Ladies Metro Championships

A total of 26 teams competed at this year’s Metro’s Championships with all  12 associations participating with one or more teams. Well done to all that participated and thanks for your support.

Division 1

Kewdale Ladies 1.    10-42

Team:  Evelyn Cockie, Jenna -Lee Rodney, Carol Scattini, Sam Jones, Sharon Renouf and Sharren McInnes

Runner Up
South Suburban Ladies   10-41

Team:  Dot Mcleod, Teresa Chapman, Tanya Wright, Robyn McCloy, Rosslyn Reimers and Rosaline Watkins

Division 2

Fremantle Ladies  10-48

Team:   Kerie O’Brien, Cheryl Lyons, Kristina Gallacher, Carina Hutchins, Mel Drage and Kim Farmer

Runner up
South Suburban Ladies 2  10-39

Team: Jannine Pink, Di Hopkins, Maureen Rose, Angela Fairman, Barbara Wiley and Teisha Kensell

Division 3

Morely Ladies 1  8-36

Team:  Debbie Grout, Julie Gugiatti, Ann Wilson, Vicki Warner, Coral Grieves and Jasmine Crocker

Runner up
Sound Ladies   8-31

Team: Judy Zepplin, Julie Byass, Maddi Clarke, Kath Mainsbridge, Beryl Mellowship and Pat Stevenson

Division 4

Port Ladies 2  8-34

Team: Judy Friend, Jocelyn Eddy, Donna Cowell, Robert Bunce, Tanya Wylie and Rebecca Everitt

Runner up
Valley Ladies 2   6-32

Team: Suzette Carman, Ellen Circosta, Margaret Eaton, Karen Payne, Betty Everhardus, Laurel Gilbert and Jacqui Gleeson

Maureen Moran
Jenna -lee Rodney

Highest Peg
Kristina Gallacher  126,  Fremantle                                                                 

100+ Pegs
Carol Johns   114   Swans
Karon Anderson  108  Northern Suburbs
Gail Carr   106  Swans
Robyn McCloy  104  South Suburban
Dot Mcleod  104  South Suburban
Teresa Chapman 102  South Suburban

Top Six Averages
Kaitlan Brown          53.91  Port Kennedy
Mata Atitoa              53.86  Swans
Dot Mcleod              52.32  South Suburban
Teresa Chapman     50.53  South Suburban
Michelle Rodney     50.36  Swans
Carol Johns              50.12   Swans

Final Results

Division 1Game PointsWin PointsPosition
Kewdale 110421st
South Suburban 110412nd
Perth 18363rd
Quinns Rock4325th
Port Kennedy2276th
Northern  Suburbs 12257th
Division 2Game PointsWin PointsPosition
Fremantle 110481st
South Suburban 210392nd
Swans 26353rd
Perth 26304th
Port Ladies 16304th
Eastern Suburbs4295th
Kewdale Ladies  20226th
Division 3Game PointsWin PointsPosition
Morley 18361st
Sound Ladies8312nd
Swans 34284th
Femantle 26273rd
Northern Suburbs 20246th
Northern Suburbs 34195th
Division 4Game PointsWin PointsPosition
Port Ladies 28341st
Valley Ladies6322nd
Morley 26283rd
Fremantle 32266th
Swans 44234th
Kenwick Ladies4225th