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2018 Mens Lower Grades

Our 2018 Mens Lower Grades saw 34 teams competing. Results are as follows:

Divison 1

WinnersSouth Suburban
Jamie Roche, Drew Protty, Damien McCann, Dylan Maxwell, Ronnie Calaoa, Paul Dowell

Runners-upSwan Valley
Miles Taylor, Steve Hoglin, Hans Loststra, Kane Jeffery, Josh Johnstone, Zac Weadley

Division 2

Winners – Rockingham 1
Harley Murphy, Josh Smith, Matt Clune, Mitchel Beswick Mitch Collins, Corey Collins

Runners-up – West Coast 2
Steve Hunter, Brett Playle, Karl Humphries, Lachlan Hunter, Blake Robins

Division 3

Winners – Port Kennedy 2
Craig Page, Tyrone Edwards, Kev Kosovich, Anthony Kelly, Dylan Sutherland, Sam Sutherland

Runners-up – South Suburban 2
Rik Rossi, Darren Bennett, Allan Brown, Jordan Nissen, Jeremy Patol

Divison 4

Winners – Fremantle 2
Craig Johnson, Dave Snell, Daniel Larsen, Brendon Falk, Elroy Basnayake, Peter Daines

Runners-up – Quinns
Darren Stevens, Tim BestGary Spencer, Pat Carroll, Mike Sumray, Lochlan Best

Division 5

Winners – South Suburban 4
Aaron Reimers, Leighton Nissen, Doddy Innes, Tim Herbert, Stewart Neilson, Kevin Thorton

Runners-up – Swan Ambassadors 2
Ken Saul, Michael Loose, Simon Leeves, Wayne Finch, Martin King, Roger Wright, Harry Cosgrove

Division 6

Winners – Manjimup 2
Chris Brookes, Aaron Cassettai, Glenn Rochford, Bill Warren, Dave Muir, Jack Muir

Runners-up – South Suburban 5
Eddy Walker, Norm Dennis, Tony Green, Russell Whitecross, Haydn Fannon, Wade Taylor

Highest Pegs

Shane Kennewell 170 (left) and Troy Moore also with 170. Brilliant work lads and welcome to the 170 Club


Dylan Maxwell      1       South Suburban

Steve Hunter           2       West Coast

Lachlan Hunter     1       West Coast

Dave Clinch              1       Port Kennedy

Josh Smith             1       Rockingham

Damien McCann      1       South Suburban

Jamie Gillespie      1       Mandurah

Drew Prottey           1       South Suburban

Michael Ridley      1       Bunbury

Mark McAuslin        1       South Suburban

Travis Wharton     1       South Suburban

Darren Bennett       1       South Suburban

Charlie Lionti         1       Fremantle

Mitch Beswick          1       Rockingham

Gordon Narrier     1       Northam

Brad Kidner              1       West Coast

Aaron Robertson  1       South Suburban

Elroy Basnayake      1       Fremantle

John Coelho          1       Swans Vally

Warren Slater          1       Northam

Malcolm Allden     1       Rockingham

Greg Sawyer             1       Perth Mixed

Carl Arandale        1       South Suburban

Connor Stallard       1       Collie

Graham Dunford   1       Port Kennedy

Adam Johnson         1       Perth Mixed

Mick Beaver           1       Manjimup