Wyatt Challenger Singles Format 2022

Darts Western Australia will underwrite the sponsorship of the 8 events and maintain the event as The  Wyatt Challenger Singles in memory of Wayne Wyatt and his support of Grass Roots darts in WA.

Ellenbrook Transport will underwrite the sponsorship of the 8 events for premier division.

If you know of a sponsor who would like to support the concept of lower grade darts and have their names up in lights for the year, please let Mark Dorotich know.

The Format for 2022

Four divisions as below;

Premier Division – 69.99 average & below to 60.00 average
Division 1 – 59.99 average & below to 50.00 average
Division 2 – 49.99 average & below to 40.00 average
Division 3 – 39.99 average & below

In each division the event is based on a minimum 8/16 to maximum up to 32 players and/or parts thereof. The playing conditions for each division may be adjusted if any time restrictions are required.

Each division is mixed and open to both male and female players who are suitably qualified ie; registered with Darts Western Australia and utilising your #1 Association or 2nd Association Average whichever is higher from season 2021. This will determine the division you will compete throughout the “Wyatt Challenger  Singles” in 2021.

Also, If you are a genuine FIFO worker consideration may be given to qualifying with four events only and having accrued enough points but this will a consideration after employer confirmation of working dates have been sighted.


1. The Wyatt Challenger Singles will be played in accordance with the playing rules of Darts Western Australia.
2. Players must be registered as a member of Darts Western Australia or any affiliated association.
3. A player if not registered in an affiliated association, must produce written verified proof of their average certified by their club secretary, recorder of designated authority to be able to participate.
4. Each player will be placed into a division based on their highest recorded seasonal average from season 2021 (Your #1 Association or 2nd Association Average whichever is higher) or if a new player their highest current average as verified or in a higher grade if they desire.
5. To play season 2022 each player is to register as a member of The Wyatt Challenger Singles for a fee of $10-00, this is once only and is used to contribute to each events prize fund.
6. Each player will be issued with a “WTLGS ” Average Card specific to these events only, which must be produced at registration for each event and has their current highest seasonal average noted on the card.
7. All players will abide by the Darts Western Australia Dress Code, failure to comply will not see the player able to compete until the dress code is met.
8. Any player eligible for Prize Money must be present to receive that prize, forfeited to carry over for that division if not in attendance.

The money raised through this registration will be distributed through the events including the final event which is for a minimum of 16 of the top point qualifies in each of the three (3) divisions. All money paid is used for the event on that day and in the final event of the series.

Qualification for Finals:
• Eight (8) Events will be played.
• At least 75% (6 events) of the 8 events must be played by any player to be eligible for the Finals.
• FIFO workers must play 4 events to qualify and have the necessary points to qualify for the top 16.

Entry to each event is $10-00 per division with a minimum 75% added to the prize fund of each of the divisions and the remainder is to be made available to the final events prize fund.

It is hoped that a stand-alone or multiple sponsors can be found for each event and sponsorship distributed between all 4 divisions. A minimum amount of $450 sponsorship per event would assist the prize fund breakdown for each event.

Each division will base the payout of prize money on 25% of participating players.
• 64 players will have a payout to 16 positions.
• 32 players will have a payout to 8 positions.
• 16 players will have a payout to 4 positions.
• or as determined by the event coordinators.

Premier Division  will play minimum best of 3 x 501 in qualifying and a minimum best of 5 x 501 in the Grand Final

Division 1 & 2 will play minimum best of 3 x 501 in qualifying and a minimum best of 5 x 501 in the Grand Final
Division 3 will play best of 3 x 501 in qualifying and a minimum best of 3 x 501 in the Grand Final
Division 4 will play best of 3 x 501 in qualifying and best of 3 x 501 in the Grand Final.

Division 3 may be adjusted to games of 401 to assist players to complete qualifying in conjunction with divisions 1 & 2.
In the event of exceptional numbers in all divisions, the qualifying may be adjusted to a single leg to speed the round robin process, while not ideal it does give everyone the same opportunity and it will not change the points accrued towards the Champion of Champions in October 2020

Each division will have a random draw to commence play.
Division 2 & 3 will be subject to the “Mercy Rule” with regards to players pegging, this will be explained prior to the start of play in each event.

Points are accrued from each event, there is then a GRAND FINAL played with a minimum of the top 16 qualified players in each division based on points accrued from the minimum of 6 qualifying games required who will then be invited to participate in the Grand Final.

Points calculated as below;

Each division qualifying event has a preliminary Round Robin schedule to find the required qualifiers for the days Finals.

By example if there were 24 registered players in a division the format would be;

4 Boards of 6 players playing best 3 x 501, the top 2 from each board would play in that events finals.

As per the above example points would be issued as;

6th in group 2pts
5th in group 4pts
4th in group 6pts
3rd in group 8pts
Equal 5th (last 8) 10pts
Equal 3rd (last 4) 12pts
Runner Up 14pts
Winner 18pts

Event One in any division it could reflect as indicated below;

If a $450 minimum sponsor could be found for each event and $300 (66%) is put into the 3 divisions and $150 is saved for the Final Event a prize breakdown could be as below.
Division 1 has 24 entries at $10-00 each equals $240-00 – 75% = $180-00 ($60 to final event) Plus Sponsor $100 ($50 to final event) = $280-00 as a prize fund plus 75% of $240 (Share of initial Challenger Lower Grade Singles Competition registration)= $180-00 ($60 to final event)for a total prize fund of $460-00 distributed as follows;

Prize Fund $460-00

Remaining $60-00 carried over to Division One finals prize fund, plus carryover of Entry, Sponsor, Payout and Registration money = $230-00 to the final prize fund. If we following the breakdown strictly and not pay equal 5th a further $40-00 will go to the final prize pool, a total of $270-00. This is the first of 8 events and will be managed exactly the same in each division. The more players in each division for each event, will increase the events prize fund but also increase the final payout for the Grand Final. It is your continued ongoing support of each event which will make this a very big and popular event for all lower average players to participate in.

The prize fund for the Finals in each division is self-funding and may exceed a total $1500 of which the winner may receive at least $500-00. Naturally if more sponsors were available for the Wyatt Challenger Lower Grade Singles events, the prize funds would naturally increase.

This format is a unique opportunity for lower average players to match their skills against similar players in their own distinctive division, with a chance to experience tournament like pressure and enhance their playing skills. This coupled with the ability to win cash money like the open players is an experience not to be missed and not found elsewhere in Australian Darts.

The major sponsor is Darts Western Australia Inc along with Kevin Chapple and we are of the same mindset of Wayne Wyatt in recognising the needs of the lower average players to contest dart events that are similar and as available for their higher average player counterparts.

The venue is the Belmont Sports & Recreation Club and we thank them for the use of the venue to foster lower grade darts.

The first event is on Saturday 5th February 2022, Check in closes at 9-30 am. Be sure to bring your association average cards on the day.

Players without an average

Any player without an average is required to follow the routine as below:

  1. Play 5 games of singles (501) either against another player or alone.
  2. Record all scores and shots for each game.
  3. Total all scores and shots to work the average out.
  4. For example 4325 (scored) divided by 75 (shots) = 57.66 average, that would place you in Division 1.
  5. For example 4325 (scored) divided by 94 (shots) = 46.01 average, that would place you in Division 2.
  6. For example 4325 (scored) divided by 123 (shots) = 35.16 average, that would place you in Division 3.
  7. This is not an exact science but it gives us a guide to place you in a division, the above is based on playing against another player. If playing alone the total would be 5005 scored.

For all queries regarding the Wayne Wyatt competition call Mark Dorotich on 0435 453 173 or email him bigboppa57@gmail.com 

Download this information HERE