The top 16 are highlighted in bold in the points table below. It is recommended that some of those players Qualified but just out of the Top 16 attend on the day in each division. This is in case a qualified player does not attend/check-in, it will then require the next qualified player to move into the top 16 in that division. Note – you must have played 6 or more events to qualify.

History shows reserves have got into the Top 16 because of non-attendance on the day.

PlayerPlayedTotal Points
1Steve Vosper10116
2Daryle Mitchell9116
3Gavin Horner10110
4Kevin Chappell9108
5Bill Gilla7106
6Terry Carter1098
7Tom Barker998
8Vic Hedland796
9Darren Batchelor794
10Ken Saul1092
11Troy Warwick792
12Dave Reeves1076
13Darrin Sigley876
14Marianne Bell776
15Carl Caton672
16Steve Hunter970
17Jason Nannup870
18Shane Kennewell766
19Daryle Sharp1064
20Robert Binsair664
21Dave Clinch1062
22Kevin Marsh – DNQ560
23Peter Daines956
24Blake Robins856
25Peter Odermatt1054
26Ronnie Calaoa852
27Mark McAuslin950
28Aaron Nicholas648
29David Litchfield844
30Rik Rossi840
31Geoffrey Mongoo340
32Kevin Garlett340
33Kayden Marsh538
34Wayne Battersby538
35Jamie Roche534
36Greg Sawyer532
37Hedley McAvoy532
38Dudley Enniss426
39Mike Beaver326
40Brett Playle226
41Michael Eva522
42Wayne Finch420
43Eddie Tom220
44Gary Spencer318
45Josh Franks318
46Lewis Smailes218
47Peter Govorko218
48Niall Mullan316
49Josh Gaunt216
50Simon Leeves216
51Dylan Park314
52Mark Brazier214
53Ron Bowen214
54John Bingham114
55Steve Cullen114
56Steve Hand312
57Brad Everett212
58Gus Watkins212
59Trevor Jones212
60Trevor Turvey112
61Damien Muir210
62Paul Dowell110
63Tony Williams110
64Jake Beaver28
65Brad Hillary18
66Leah Price18
67Nathan Sandilands18
68Steve Hill18
69Daniel Tan16
70Drew Prottey16
71Gary Thomas16
72Ged Webster16
73Andrew Brennan24
74Andrew Bull14
75Jorden Nissen14
76Kevin Quartermaine14
77Liam Kirwin14
78Phil Baseley14
79Rod Lang14
80Mark Postans12
81Zack Mongoo12
Highest Pegs
Bill Gilla170
Mark Brazier – DNQ170
Terry Carter170
Dave Reeves154
Troy Warwick154
Mark McAuslin150
Dave Litchfield148
Shane Kennewell146
Rod Lang145
Tom Barker140
Blake Robins140
Mike Beaver134
Lewis Smailes132
Kevin Quartermaine131
Steve Vosper129
Nathan Sandilands126
Daryle Mitchell126
Dylan Park124
Brett Playle120
Gavin Horner120
Peter Odermatt120
Darrin Sigley118
Daryl Sharp117
Wayne Battersby117
Dave Clinch116
Simon Leeves116
Damien Muir116
Jamie Roche115
Kevin Chappell115
Jason Nannup114
Dave Clinch113
Eddie Tom112
Geoffrey Mongoo112
Steve Hunter112
Niall Mullan110
Marianne Bell107
Kayden Marsh107
Ken Saul105
Ronnie Calaoa104
Vic Hedland103
Gary Spencer100
Kevin Garlett100
Gavin Horner15
Darren Batchelor11
Bill Gilla10
Dave Reeves9
Carl Caton9
Kevin Chapell8
Kevin Garlett7
Wayne Battersby6
Steve Vosper6
Blake Robins6
Eddie Toms4
Aaron Nicholas4
Ken Saul4
Steve Hunter4
Daryle Mitchell4
Darrin Sigley4
Bob Binsair4
Troy Warwick4
Jason Nannup3
Shane Kennewell3
Ronnie Calaoa2
Rik Rossi2
Jorden Nissen2
Vic Hedland2
Peter Daines2
Geoffrey Mongoo2
Tom Barker2
Kayden Marsh2
Terry Carter2
Dave Litchfield2
Steve Hill1
Brett Playle1
Gary Spencer1
Hedley McAvoy1
Tony Williams1
Trevor Jones1
Brad Hillary1
Lewis Smailes1
Mark Brazier1
Gus Watkins1
Mark McAuslin1
Dudley Ennis1
Kevin Marsh1
Dave Clinch1
Marianne Bell1
Peter Odermatt1
Daryl Sharp1