The top 16 are highlighted in bold in the points table below. It is recommended that some of those players Qualified but just out of the Top 16 attend on the day in each division. This is in case a qualified player does not attend/check-in, it will then require the next qualified player to move into the top 16 in that division. Note – you must have played 6 or more events to qualify.

History shows reserves have got into the Top 16 because of non-attendance on the day.

PlayerPlayedTotal Points
1Suzette Carmen9118
2Daniel Christmass8118
3Graeme Groves10104
4Jackie Gleeson884
5Fiona Allen782
6Connor Etherington676
7Senga Dick974
8Alison Falconer972
9Butch Garcia968
10Maureen Moran868
11Darren Stevens768
12Megan Jones1064
13Mike Condon762
14Chris Lian958
15Ellen Circosta854
16Mark Peddey854
17Dexter Arno – RESERVE1044
18Mal Harrison – RESERVE738
19Margaret Eaton438
20Leonie Meier – RESERVE634
21Lyn Harrison – RESERVE730
22Ann Griffin528
23Jo Bennett528
24lynda Litchfield424
25Grace Nicholls224
26Dianne Hinds220
27Jordan Marsh220
28Jamie Plug120
29Rebecca Gleeson318
30Alex Mijatovic218
31Ann Wilson218
32Tyson Marsh218
33Tyler McCready216
34Tony Clarkson214
35Natashia Thomas114
36Tara Pasini212
37Vernon Passey212
38Efren Tibayan110
39John Ireland110
40Lily Zdun110
41Richard Rosita110
42Jessica Atherton28
43David Ireland18
44Izabel Zdun18
45Michael Bituin18
46Shannon Isaacs18
47Stuart Webster18
48Ben Connor16
49Alycia Barrett14
50Ashleigh Bekkers14
51Catherine Marinovich14
52Claire Slevin14
53Lisa Moran14
54Michael Brandis14
Highest Pegs
Megan Jones140
Ellen Circosta113
Grace Nicholls107
Maureen Moran100
Daniel Christmass2
Richard Rosita1
Conor Etherington1
Fiona Allen1