The top 16 are highlighted in bold in the points table below. It is recommended that some of those players Qualified but just out of the Top 16 attend on the day in each division. This is in case a qualified player does not attend/check-in, it will then require the next qualified player to move into the top 16 in that division. Note – you must have played 6 or more events to qualify.

History shows reserves have got into the Top 16 because of non-attendance on the day.

PlayerPlayedTotal Points
1Roger Wright8102
2Aaron Reimers10100
3Darren Yaxley990
4Rob Gilchrist988
5Stephen Ireland888
6Len Antunovich1082
7Ryan Howell1082
8Dan Pulham882
9Peter Anthes1080
10Pat O’Carroll980
11Sid Deans680
12Tyson Bekkers674
13Travis Wharton772
14Blake Southerland770
15David Marinovich868
16Greg Christie768
17Norm Dennis966
18Alan Watmough – DNQ566
19Stewart Neilsen1064
20Ajit Varsani860
21Greg Murphy660
22Travis Southerland756
23Laurel Bainbridge850
24Nigel Anderson – DNQ448
25Harry Cosgrove746
26Jordan Harper446
27Karen Fleming742
28Dylan King442
29Mick Hayes442
30Kristina Gallacher740
31Waylon Anderson340
32Thomas Coakley538
33Sam Jones736
34Pat Gallacher734
35Kevin Browne434
36John Robinson428
37Jeremy Patol228
38Jason Bekkers226
39Haydn Fannon424
40Cheril Sutton324
41Alex Lobbert224
42Chris Meiselbach224
43Neville Tester224
44Martin McCready222
45Clive Jackson320
46Natasha Little320
47Hugh Bryce220
48Jon Cox220
49Thorston Kroeber220
50Scott Tylee120
51Lewis Munro318
52Sean Cole218
53Donna Maddison216
54Phil Marshall216
55Rhine Sarabia116
56LeeAnne Johnson-Haggerty214
57Dylan Sutherland114
58James Boothey114
59Matthew Machin114
60Hugh Davis212
61Mick Lloyd212
62Rob Goscombe212
63Phil Collins110
64Ryan Parker110
65Soren Bock110
66Tony Reid110
67Carol Pasini28
68Penny Stevens28
69Cameron Lingerd18
70Deb Powell18
71Michael Ramsey18
72Daniel Barrett26
73Bec Jones16
74Kevin Magill16
75Brian O’Sullivan14
76Jonathon Bingham14
77Kevin Sharp14
78Martin Sullivan14
79Karina O’Neill12
Highest Pegs
Ajit Varsani164
Roger Wright158
Dave Marinovich148
Waylon Anderson146
Alan Watmough140
Darren Ysxley126
Kristina Gallacher124
Nigel Anderson122
Ryan Howell120
Dan Pulham120
Aaron Reimers120
Laurel Bainbridge120
Rhina Sarabia120
Jeremy Patol119
Dylan King118
Peter Anthes118
Travis Wharton116
Pat Gallacher115
Greg Christie112
Tyson Bekkers111
Harry Cosgrove111
Sam Jones109
Blake Southerland106
Haydn Fannon105
Greg Murphy105
Phil Collins102
Sid Deans4
Tyson Bekkers4
Dylan King4
Lewis Munro2
Rob Gilchrist2
Pat O’Carroll2
Travis Southerland2
Nigel Anderson2
Ryan Howell2
Roger Wright2
Peter Anthes2
Greg Murphy2
Aaron Reimers1
Kristina Gallacher1
Haydn Fannon1
Phil Marshall1
Darren Yaxley1
Leeanne Johnson-Haggerty1
Penny Stevens1
Dan Pulham1
David Marinovich1
Laurel Bainbridge1
John Robinson1
Neville Tester1
Sorn Bock1
Greg Christie1
Clive Jackson1
Alan Watmough1
Mick Hayes1